Quicken billminder updating overdue items

Software installation took only 5 minutes in our tests on both Windows XP and Vista machines, and we successfully downloaded transactions from a major bank and a brokerage firm in about 10 minutes.Since Quicken's account registers automatically categorize your transactions, setup doesn't require a lot of manual labor.Setup and interface Setup for Quicken 2008 is mostly unchanged from last year, and the process is largely automated and fast.Luckily, Intuit doesn't demand that you have a brand-new computer, as the application can run on Windows 2000 or more recent, and a recommended 256MB of RAM.

I was having this same issue in 2016 and upgraded to 2017 and still having this issue. Everything shows paid or reconciled and still show 21 bills overdue.Quicken 2008 is a small upgrade of Intuit's popular personal finance program.This well-built money manager is easy enough for novices yet powerful enough for veteran number crunchers, although it feels like a warmed-over version of last year's model with a few helpful enhancements.For , Quicken Deluxe targets young families trying to save money for a house, college fund, or other big-ticket item.The Quicken Premier--which we tested--is for older families with various investments, including stocks and property, and maybe a kid or two in college.Quicken then charts your actual versus allocated spending.


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