Arizona law threatening and intimidating Personal verify adult dating websites

A stalker may also get receive additional criminal charges if there is a protective order in place preventing the defendant from contacting the victim.

Stalking can be a frightening and terrorizing experience for the victim. However, if you’re charged with the crime of stalking, you should find a good Arizona criminal defense attorney to assist with the case.

The statutes for assault also include charges for endangerment and threatening. Under Arizona law, a class 3 felony offense carries with it a penalty of 5-15 years in prison for a dangerous offense, for which an aggravated assault qualifies.

Those that result in fear of death are categorized under class 3 felony.Arizona law makes it a crime for any person to harass another person and includes harassment done via electronic means (such as telephone, the Internet, social media sites, texting, email, instant messages, or other similar means). Under Arizona law, bullying and cyberbullying are referred to as harassment and threatening or intimidating another person. ARS 13-1204 Aggravated Assault Statutes Threatening or intimidating word or conduct of a nature threatening to cause physical injury or property damage is a criminal offense.Threatening laws also apply when causing serious public inconvenience, including action that causes evacuation of a public place or building. ARS 13-1202 Threatening or Intimidation Statutes Endangerment, or reckless endangerment is any behavior that creates a significant theat of physical harm by careless, reckless, or negligent action.Arizona law defines harassment as conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to be “seriously alarmed, annoyed or harassed” and that, in fact, does have that effect on the person targeted.


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