Auto updating digital picture frame

The Nixplay is the first Wi-Fi enabled digital picture frame from the Nix company (although their first networked offering, they’ve been in the digital picture frame business for quite awhile).As of this review, the Nixplay lineup consists of one model, the W08A which sports an 8″ 800×600 pixel screen; the company has plans for additional Nixplay units with larger and higher resolution screens.That’s a nice little touch, especially if you’re setting up the picture frame for a relative; they’ll be notified that new photos will be appearing in the slideshow that day.In addition to manually uploading images to Nixplay, you can also have Nixplay automatically pull photos from albums you’ve created on Facebook, Picasa, and Instagram.For example, let’s say you use Facebook primarily as a tool for keeping up with friends and family via sharing family pictures and you want to share those family pictures with an older relative who isn’t on Facebook.

After your Nixplay picture frame is connected to your Wi-Fi, it will download any available updates, apply them, restart itself, and then present you with a simple white screen with a 16 digit serial number.The digital picture frame market got off to a rough start; early frames were clunky, had tiny screens, very few features, and required you to manually update the pictures.Read on as we review the Nixplay, a next generation digital picture frame with Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud-based photo sharing, and a pile of user-friendly features.Users who want to manage multiple frames and/or increase their storage can subscribe to the Nixplay Plus plan for .99 a month, which will allow for up to five frames per account, 30GB of cloud-based photo storage, 50 unique slideshows, and all photos will be stored in their original resolution.Given that nearly every internet-enabled digital picture frame requires a paid subscription for full functionality, we’re quite pleased to see that the Nixplay only requires a paid subscription for users who actually, well, use the service a lot.Before we do that however, we want to point out one of the fantastic little touches that really sells the Nixplay photo frame as photo frame to get for all those aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great grandparents in your life: they included a remote management tool for all the settings.


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