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sees Rapunzel’s (voiced by Mandy Moore) natural curiosity about the world lead her to realize that there is so much more she wants to learn about and experience before she’s willing to step into her role as a princess.And when her long blonde hair suddenly grows back, she must learn to accept its magical qualities while embarking on this new life journey with Eugene Fitzherbert, FKA Flynn Rider (voiced by Zachary Levi), her new friend, Cassandra (voiced by Eden Espinosa), loyal chameleon sidekick, Pascal, and her dutiful horse, Maximus. We created this movie in a funny little footprint, and it’s been our little secret for quite awhile now.Making its UK premiere following a run in Denmark, its peculiar brand of Euro-pop aesthetic and sensibilities is mad, bad and dangerous to know – a bit like its (anti)heroine Lizzie Borden, whose alleged axe-murder of her father and stepmother in Fall River, Massachusetts in the late 19th century became a cause celebre.The story has previously been told in various films, an opera and an earlier musical.So you’ll notice that there are a few changes to the Tangled we all know and love.The animation is a little different, so the characters look a little more like traditional animation a la Kim Possible as opposed to Frozen.During this interview with Collider,) showrunner Chris Sonnenburg talked about how they came to the story that they’re exploring with these characters, why it was so important to him to get the original voice cast on board, the challenge in casting new characters, appealing to a young audience, how is just so delightful and fun! That people are starting to see it is very exciting!When did the idea for , the movie, Flynn, or Eugene Fitzherbert says, “After years and years of asking and asking, I finally said yes.” It was a funny line, and you expect Flynn Ryder to have a fun little line like that, but we looked at that line and said, “Maybe there are a few years here that we can spend, getting to know this couple a little bit more.” That’s when the story opened up for us.

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The quartet field fierce voices, including the striking Danish performer Bjorg Gamst in the title role with Broadway performer Eden Espinosa as her sister Emma.

Eugene Fitzherbert are OFFICIALLY back — but not in the way you think.

While it was previously announced that Tangled would be returning as a TV series, Tangled: The Series, we now have the trailer for the Disney Channel Original Movie that will kick off the new show.

The DCOM takes place after the events of Tangled, but before the short Tangled Ever After, which premiered in theaters in 2012.

From what it looks like, Rapunzel’s hair becomes suddenly long and golden again, which is a surprise for everyone, especially her.


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