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Stephen Bryen, Chairman & CTO Ziklag Systems Spying through smartphone cameras, computer webcams, laptops and tablets is widespread and governments have been checking people out for years.Between 20, GCHQ, Britain's NSA, ran a program called Optic Nerve that scanned live webcam chats on Yahoo (and probably other chat services).These videos from the BBC, explain further how sextortion works.The internet has opened up new ways to communicate with family, friends and other people."Television operating systems aren't nearly as stable as phones, in that they change drastically from year to year and are never updated."They are a security nightmare waiting to happen and app developers often create an app for a single year's television range then never update it," she said.

That's exactly what happened when our television's Skype app ceased, plunging us back to the telephony age. * Smart televisions and privacy * Microsoft scrubs Paint"Feature not available" spat back as we repeatedly tried to open Skype.In our experience, the ransom is usually a few hundred dollars.If the blackmailer has had access to personal details, such as a friend list on social media or a place of work, they may threaten to send the video to these people or publish it somewhere online for friends, family or work colleagues to see.Webcams can be a great tool, but as with most things there are some people who use this technology to take advantage of others.Below are some tips to keep safe when using webcams.This a serious global issue and blackmailers can be located anywhere around the world.


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