Does dating at the job work

" Answer: The beginning of an essay penned by Bob Black in 1985 entitled “The Abolition of Work” read, “No one should ever work.

Work is the source of nearly all the misery in the world.

The term glorify means “to give an accurate representation.” Therefore, work done by Christians should give the world an accurate picture of God in righteousness, faithfulness, and excellence.

God created man in His image with characteristics like Him (Genesis -31). God planted a garden and put Adam in it to cultivate and maintain it (Genesis 2:8, 15).

In response to Adam’s sin, God pronounced several judgments in Genesis -19, the most severe of which is death. The word toil is used, implying challenge, difficulty, exhaustion, and struggle.

However, labor and the results of labor figure centrally in the rest of the judgments. Work itself was still good, but man must expect that it will be accomplished by “the sweat of his brow.” Also, the result will not always be positive.

Isaiah 43:7 indicates that God created man for His own glory.

In 1 Corinthians we read that whatever we do should be to His glory.

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The Fall of Man depicted in Genesis 3 generated a change in the nature of work.

Although man will eat the plants of the field, the field will also produce thorns and thistles.

Hard work and effort will not always be rewarded in the way the laborer expects or desires.

By this example, it is apparent that work should be productive.

Work should be conducted in a way that produces the highest quality outcome.


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