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Former child star Parker Mc Kenna Posey’s mother Heather was not happy with yesterday’s Morning Glory post featuring her famous daughter.

Heather pointed out a couple of inaccuracies within my post.

Immersing herself into cultures around the world has not only given her unforgettable memories but also broadened her view on society.

A common theme Parker has picked up along the way, women empowerment.

A woman on a mission is the best way to describe this budding star, a journey she would love for you all to join her on.

Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! She keeps her middle name professionally so as not to be confused with actress Parker Posey. Posey has 3 half-siblings, 2 brothers, Khari & Jake, and a sister named Dilynne, and resides with her mother.

Now looking back on it, its crazy now recognizing their talents and everything that they’ve done in the past and present. Not just about acting and how to be a professional business woman, but how to live my life as a woman in general. With you being in a relationship, does it become annoying/difficult handling all the thirsty dudes in your DMs?

As far as DMs go, I don’t really entertain too many because the last time I did, I ended up in the relationship I’m in now.

Parker originates from humble beginnings in Los Angeles, CA where she started developing her acting skills at the tender age of four.When I was little, I didn’t realize the magnitude of star power of these people that I was working. They were a big part of my childhood and helped shape me into a woman today. I owe that to everybody on set because they definitely helped showed me the way. People were in disbelief once your Instagram page was discovered. I look at them as supporters and friends more than anything. It’s funny – even when people recognize me in person they’re like “OMG, you’re so old! It’s been a challenge trying to get away from the “Kady” thing in my career now.I was so blessed to be in the presence of people who are apart of Black film history. I am older, and I’m never gonna play a four year old girl again ever in my life. I appreciate the Kady Kyle character so much and I’ll forever be grateful, but now it’s time to just be Parker Mc Kenna Posey.VH1: You were 4 years old when you joined the cast of . Parker: Honestly it’s what I wanted to do since I could speak. The show has been off for some time, but it still gets a lot of attention.I think the hardest part was having to wake up early in the morning. But I wanted be on set more than I wanted to be with my school tutor. It was a crazy process, but [once I got the part] I loved getting to know the writers, the producers, being around [Damon Wayans]…me being so little, I basically grew up with them. It was something I genuinely wanted to do every day. I feel like our show was a big part of Black culture, too. I don’t really like them to call them followers/fans. I know its confusing because people still see the reruns on TV where I’m a four year old girl and then you see me out as an adult living my life.I don’t feel weird about it just because I’m younger and if other people do I don’t feel some type of way about it.


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