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Great performances abound from Jeff Bridges, 67, who makes the most of a smallish but emotionally pivotal part as Prescott’s Fezziwig-like wildland division chief, and Jennifer Connelly, in an unusually vivid role for a hero’s wife, but the main love story, of course, is between the firefighters, and their dedicated boss, Eric Moss (expertly played by Josh Brolin, 49) and his newest, greenest recruit, Brendan “Doughnut” Mc Donough (Miles Teller in top form).

The story, based on GQ disaster correspondent Sean Flynn's Granite Mountain article, could have easily been a rote, phony macho flick.

Directed by low-budget miracle worker Sean Baker, 46, it’s a kids’-eye view of this real-life dysfunction junction, originally envisioned by Walt Disney himself as a clean, perfect City of the Future (which he called “the Florida project”).

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It should be depressing as a Sundance social-issues picture, but these little rascals are ebullient, often as happy as they are scrappy.

Harrelson and Reiner convincingly present him as a flawed, hardworking man navigating challenging circumstances, accomplishing much through cunning rather than charisma.

FULL REVIEW The Killing of a Sacred Deer, R If you want to see an A-list star playing a magically cursed mom in a disturbing, gruesome, amazing art film this fall, avoid Jennifer Lawrence’s mother!

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Last Flag Flying, R Bryan Cranston, 61, plays a crusty, tough guy named Sal, a dive bar owner who goes on a last mission with his old Vietnam War buddies — Mueller (Laurence Fishburne, 56) and sad Doc (Steve Carell, 55) — to pick up the body of Doc’s son, killed in the Iraq war.


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