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The Diamond Sutra is about the essential meaning of Buddhism, that of non-duality: the fact that there are no individual existences in this world.

That all is an illusion: we just think we exist as individuals but we don't, in fact, we're in a state of complete non-duality: there are no individuals, no sentient beings.

Priceless diamonds slowly sink through the slushy interior of Neptune and Uranus to cover the planets’ solid cores, new research has suggested.

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And monks or Wang Jie himself might have unrolled it and read it, in time to monks chanting the sutra, and if you listen to the Turning the Pages, there's monks chanting on that.

Researchers from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf laboratory in Germany simulated the extreme conditions found in the interior of the planets using a high-powered laser, which created shock waves in polystyrene, a plastic made from a mixture of hydrogen and carbon, to produce the kind of pressures found deep below the planets’ surfaces.

The polystyrene represented compounds made from methane, the hydrocarbon gas that gives Neptune its distinctive blue colour.

So this forms the 'three baskets', or , of the Buddhist canon.

The Diamond Sutra in the British Library is a very special object because it's the earliest dated printed book in the world.


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