Dating strip club 100 online dating questions

In fact, take it one step further because you know you’ll be getting up-close and personal with someone.The key to lap dance etiquette is to make it pleasant for your dancer. Okay, we might not bite chunks out of your ass but it’ll definitely make a difference.

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This is another glaring, do-not-ever-break rule of lap dance etiquette. Before you head out, shower and prep as if you were heading out on a date.

Your woman bailed on you and took your car, but left you with a suspicious itch, and the only thing that can distract you now is a nubile body gyrating inches away — but leave the therapeutic benefits of the strip tease at that.

Lap dancers aren’t paid to listen to you gripe about your ex, your job or your health problems.

It’s good strategy to tip the door and bar staff every so often.

It’s pretty cool to be remembered on only your second visit — and for the right reasons too.


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