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It has been said that many of the users did little but constantly complain and fight over which of the admins listened and which did not. Perhaps because of his disgust with the never-ending conflict, Kerfuffle decided to take leave of Wolfhome in the fall of 2005, saying he would "keep an eye" on his project.He left a warning that if things didn't start to work, he would disconnect Wolfhome for good.In a public post he wrote that he disagreed with the demotion and felt that it had been mishandled, and that it was "the last straw" in a string of greivances and conflicts. After taking the site offline, Kerfuffle disappeared from Wolfhome and seemingly the internet entirely, leaving behind only a faint glimmer of hope: that if the remaining patrons of the site could work together to form a plan that would ensure peace on Wolfhome and be agreeable to the majority of people, he would turn it back on.In the months since the February shutdown, a group of users attempted to do this to entice Kerfuffle to return.The map was unveiled this morning at MIF's Media Impact Forum, an annual event that brings together leading funders, media makers, and analysts to share insights about the field's most influential projects and trends.Forum participants received a demonstration of the map during a session on how improved data can help the philanthropic community better understand the field. funders made .5 billion in media grants to over 10,000 organizations."The creative combination of media and philanthropy has huge, transformative potential," said Larry Mc Gill, vice president for knowledge services at Foundation Center.Media projects and makers shape and inform public debate, regardless of the issue — from race and justice to the environment to arts and culture and beyond.

Thousands of people visit Foundation Center's website each day and are served in its five regional library/learning centers and its network of more than 450 funding information centers located in public libraries, community foundations, and educational institutions nationwide and around the world.Senior economics and finance major Justin Quaglia "lives" in Showker Hall.He comfortably roams from room to room on the upper floors, chatting with professors and saying hello to fellow students before landing in Finance Assistant Professor Elias Semaan's office. Quaglia is equal parts intense and charming, and since freshman year, he has applied his passion and energy to the Madison Investment Fund, a student-led investment fund that serves as a money manager to the JMU Foundation Inc.The partnership between Gre7g and Underdog eventually led to the creation of a business venture, "A Thousand Words Network of Kansas, LLC" and that company launched the site defunct).This website gave others the ability to create and manage similar graphical chat servers, to control their own membership and to create their own unique characters and environments.It turned out that almost all of the recent database information was irretrievable.


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