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A couple unknowingly buys a haunted house; a haunting of a bar in Indiana is captured on video; an EVP of a ghostly voice of a passenger that was killed in a plane crash is heard on a digital recorder; a dog meets a ghost boy; and a terrified secretary runs from her own office building that seems to be haunted.A ghost breaches security at a government building; a pipe-smoking spirit haunts a lighthouse; a son killed in a car accident makes his presence known to his grieving mother; a demon attacks guests a house by leaving scratch marks on their bodies; diners encounter a strange force in a restaurant bathroom strong to make grown men cry; and a woman captures haunting photos and video of the ghosts in her own home.These stories also include some historical facts of the reportedly haunted locations. As of October 3, 2013, My Ghost Story is airing on Lifetime/Lifetime Movie Network.Note: The My Ghost Story series is based on the 20 specials My Ghost Story: Hauntings Revealed. Warning: At the beginning of each episode a parental advisory warning is shown: "What you are about to see are haunted events encountered by real people.Each episode features claims of encounters at reportedly haunted locations all over the United States, as well as a few locations in other countries.A spin-off series My Ghost Story Asia premiered on the Biography Channel (Asia) on 16 August 2012 featuring stories from Singapore and Malaysia.Eric Anderson, Jason Bourgault, Adam Bain, Gary Basmajian, Joshua Book, Barry Conrad, Ken Davis, Rick Davis, Mark Greczemiel, Nathan Nowak, Brian Phenix, Camille Strayhorn, Renee Tod, Cynthia Calderon Toscano My Ghost Story is an American television series on the paranormal, which premiered on July 17, 2010 on the Biography Channel.The series features ghost stories told from a person's own supposed experience with the supernatural.

Two men retire without knowing their new home sits on the graves of people who were tortured and murdered by the KKK.

A paranormal group captured an EVP of a former customer, Leo and mist by the pool table; Two brothers investigated an accident site and believed they captured apparitions of the 3 youths who were killed there; A man tries to help a girl's spirit reunite with her family; Paranormal investigators captured an apparition in a haunted house attraction; A paranormal investigator was attacked in a cemetery; and a chandelier that was used for a suicide now swings by itself.

Visitors see a ghost in a haunted school; a woman sees her murdered husband inside orbs; paranormal studies students capture evidence of strange encounters; the case of ghostly gumbo at a haunted bed and breakfast; and two men explore caves to take photos of spirits.

Black" haunts an abandoned hospital; a hotel is haunted by the spirit of a man whose head was severed by the freight elevator; a disfigured demon keeps terrorizes patrons at an Irish pub; tour guides reveal amazing photos of apparitions in an underground tunnel where many violent acts were committed; and a woman hears audio recordings of her dead parents.

A woman smell cigar smokes and felt a presence touching her, and a black entity was recorded; a psychology PHD captured EVPs and photos from a home haunted by a Catholic bishop; light orbs, EVPs, photos and video of a light switch being manipulated are captured at a museum; video of light orbs, EVPs and photos are captured in a couple's dream home where a husband had murdered his wife; a family took a vacation in a haunted hotel and captured light orbs and a white figure, and paranormal encounters; and a haunting at Georgia inn where the spirit of a woman is seen roaming the halls.


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