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One of the Brothers is at corporate training with coworkers from Europe, Asia, Australia, etc., for a few weeks and had an amusing experience the other day: an Italian women said: "It's the strangest thing, all of us who are here from Europe are single and childless but all you Americans, the Aussies, and the Indians are married with three or four kids." Similarly, at the end of this clip, Mr.

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If they meet Williams in May, the message they will send is that one needn't treat Israel or the Jews with respect because we will exact no price for our mistreatment.

So while some Arab ports will not accept goods marked "Made in Israel," if you take off the sticker and send it through another country, the deal is done.

"Besides Syria, the Arab boycott is now just lip service," said Doron Peskin, head of research at Info Prod, a consulting firm for foreign and Israeli companies specializing in trade to Arab states.

He explained: "While America is currently fighting a global war against international terrorism, there is an equally important war going on within the United States.

The outcome of today's conflict will decisively determine the future of the American republic.


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