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The origin of the name "Culina" is unknown; it was already in use in the 1860s when William Chandless became the first English explorer to penetrate their region.

The Cuna call themselves "Tule" (real people), but they regard the name "Cuna" as reflecting their origin from the cultural hero Ibeorkuna.

In a remarkably revealing interview, she discusses working through personal pain on the record, reinventing her look and sound, collaborating with legendary producer T Bone Burnett in LA, and how advice from her friend Bono helped shaped the material.

Blood, is strongly informed by her 2015 break-up with ex-husband and band member, Darrel Higham.

With the countdown underway she weighs in on such diverse subjects as Jedward, the suspected suicide of a concert goer at a Swell Season show and tells us about snuggling in between Quentin Tarantino and Alice Cooper at the Grammys.

Under the generic name "Cotopaxi Quichua" are subsumed the two parishes of Zumbagua and Guangaje, located at the heart of this large, ethnically distinct indigenous area of the Ecuadorian highlands.

The Craho are Timbira speakers who live in the north of the state of Tocantins in Brazil.

Around 3,500 Gorotire, including a number of subgroups, live in thirteen villages, most of them on reservations, scattered over a large area in the south of the Brazilian state of ParĂ¡, from the vicinity of the Rio Fresco, an eastern tributary of the Xingu, to the upper Rio Iriri.

ETHNONYMS: Generic for the linguistic family: Goajivo, Guahibo, Guayba, Jiwi, Uajibo, Uwaiwa, Waiwa.


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