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Y., which helped when he was diagnosed with sarcoma four years ago.Leery of the usual cancer fundraising event, where clich├ęs are recited and pictures of deceased patients put up in a heart-wrenching slideshow, Harwood instead launched "Comedy for Cancer," a fundraising event in Brooklyn, featuring the stand-up comedian and Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor Nick Ross."I believe in the power of realistic thinking," she said."And the reality is, you know, this sucks."This is a sharp departure from the cancer survivorship rhetoric of the last 20 years.I didn't need more things to make me feel guilty and excluded. I was by far the youngest patient in the oncology ward.I was too cynical to believe herbal remedies were going to cure me but unwilling to venture onto medical Web sites, where the depressing prognosis stats were lurking, ready to scare the hell out of me.For members of an earlier generation, curing oneself of cancer was often associated with turning inward to positive thinking and spirituality and away from anything resembling cynicism and irony.

One day I walked two blocks barefoot before I noticed my missing sandal."I'm sorry," I said, then whispered, "I know this will sound strange, but I can't feel my feet." Keep up with this story and more She rolled her eyes. In this crowded train, nobody was paying attention to my cancer, and it all seemed surreal again: my numb feet, my uncertain life expectancy, the loneliness, all coupled with gratitude for being alive, even if it means sharing a world with this bitch on the 1 train. She uses her blog, Cancer Is Hilarious, to document her experience in a way young people could relate. I need something other than yet another study that offered grim survival rates or scary-sounding side effects. This is not the best statistic to stumble on when you are looking online for hope, as I did in September 2006 after my doctor told me he found a growth in my colon. Then I did what anyone of my generation would do: I Googled "colon cancer." Within seconds, I found out that my cancer stage, advanced stage IIIC, gave me a 44 percent chance to survive five years.

That's when I found Planet Cancer, the most popular cancer humor Web site.

It was founded in 1995 by Robin Blue, Paul Cox, and Heidi Schultz Adams, Texans and cancer survivors then in their 20s.

The blogs are just one way younger patients are addressing the absurdity of life with cancer with humor, rather than pink-ribboned, glassy-eyed earnestness.

Virtually all of them are written by cancer patients younger than 40.


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