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You realize that you do not want a jealous man in hour life because it shows insecurity on his part.*** Game: Fabricating an excuse to call him, or wanting him to see that you called so he will call back Boundary: If he calls, he calls. You do not need an excuse to make contact with him.Game-playing (unhealthy) and boundary-setting (healthy) are two different things.

Boundary: You enjoy your friendships with men and do not exploit them to make a boyfriend or would-be boyfriend jealous.

*** Game: He calls you on a Saturday afternoon for a Saturday night date.

You go because you have no previous plans but you are angry at him all night for not respecting you enough to arrange the weekend date on Wednesday or Thursday.

Boundary: Anyone that calls in the middle of the night better have an emergency. If he is drunk dialing you, tell him it is inappropriate and to call you later when he is sober. *** Game: When you see your romantic interest in a social setting, you intentionally ignore him and avoid him because you want him to approach you.

Boundary: You see your romantic interest in a social setting, you smile politely and acknowledge him, but occupy your time by talking to other people because you have a life outside of him.


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