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I'm still not used to swiping right to left instead of up to reach the camera, which I do a zillion times daily.Swipe up to get to Control Center, and nothing is where it was in i OS 9.When do you do install i OS 10, you'll see the change the moment your phone turns back on, because you won't have turn it back on.Raise to Wake brings the screen to life when you pick up your phone.Complete details on the update -- which can be installed manually or over-the-air -- can be found at the source link below.Update: It looks like quite a few folks still aren't seeing the update just yet.I always recommend buying the newest and best phone you can afford since it will last the longest.Still, any model you upgrade to from the i Phone 4 will be a major improvement.

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The carrier announced today that just such an update is now available, enabling Visual Voicemail and other features (included a promised battery life improvement) on all unlocked GSM i Phones running i OS 6.1, while unlocked GSM i Phone 5s will also get HD Voice and T-Mobile LTE support.

It overhauls Messages, introduces a lockscreen that is more than a security checkpoint, and makes notifications and widgets something you'll actually use.

As a result, the i Phone finally feels like more than a beautifully decorated home for your favorite apps.

to drive yourself crazy, have someone tweak a setting or two on your phone.

Nothing major, just remap a gesture or swap a homescreen icon.


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