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It was fantastically funny,disarmingly honest and so relevant to today's dating world. A perfect stocking stuffer for my single friends and married friends. --Faye Krueger An eye-opening and often hilarious expose on the online dating scene from the perspective of our intrepid reporter Dianne Sweeney --Susana De Prada I'm the average, thirty-something, working woman of today--sometimes sarcastic, sometimes too honest for my own good--but I do tell it like it is. I picked up Kissing Frogs in Cyberspace by Dianne Sweeney with a bit of reservation, as part of my book club.

I will definitely be recommending it to my friends. But love...well, isn't that what we're all looking for?

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Personality who generously offers to do something to Dianne's brains (but it's all right: Mr.Even more perplexing is when a woman obtains the affection of a jerk, she then tries to transform the jerk into a sensitive, emotionally attentive man. It makes no sense to go to a junkyard, buy a clunker, and then spend the rest of your life trying to transform the clunker into a new car.This behavior is like a bunny chasing an alligator.The alligator will forever remain an alligator and one day he will turn around and eat the bunny because this is the nature of alligators. If you are a bunny chasing an alligator at least have the common sense to put on an alligator suit. Fairy tales may contribute to women's strange dating behavior. If a woman's kiss has the power to turn a frog into a prince, then logically a woman's kiss has the power to turn a prince into a frog. When the princess fell in love with the frog and kissed him, she fell in love with a frog not a prince.In the story of the frog and the prince, a princess kissed a frog and the frog magically turned into a prince. It would stand to reason that the princess would abhor the prince because he is no longer the creature with whom she fell in love, a love sufficient to justify a kiss. If you want to buy a formal dress, you would go to upscale stores not thrift shops.Personality has an "understanding" with his wife); the leprechaun with no pants; the lord of 1000 empty pizza boxes. Right." The author is so open with her experiences, thoughts of her dates, and revelations about herself.


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