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However, the happy couple recently purchased a place of their own, which Albie describes as being a perfect fit.Every member of the close-knit Manzo clan has contributed to the move-in process, Albie explains. I know that a lot of people don’t understand that, but it’s what I feel is best for me right now. A few weeks/months, depends on how things go out of the gate. If Lauren doesn’t like your girl – or she can’t cook! I can cook, and enjoy cooking, so that’s no big deal. We are all working really hard and are focused on building a great business.

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I hear it 600 times a day on Twitter so I am kind of used to it. I wasn’t picked apart too much besides my own confidence and the way I speak, not so much learning as much as it was nice to be reminded. And she does the whole starting a business thing, which is a great quality to have. She just wants to be married already, growing up around weddings like we did makes the process really easy for everyone involved. I wouldn’t want to have to worry about introducing her to people.

Us Weekly: How has growing up with a dad who wasn’t around very much shaped the kind of person you are today?

Albie Manzo: I think that, out of the three of us, you know, I was probably impacted by it the most because I’m the oldest. But as you get older, you really come to respect the hard work and sacrifices that he made to allow us to live a life that he didn’t get to live.

I like someone who is a bit sarcastic, but not someone as obnoxious as me, an intelligent sense of humor. How long do you wait before promoting a girl friend to girlfriend? These days my dating life has taken a backseat to blk.

Do you prefer a girl who can keep up with you or one who lets you have the jokester spotlight? "Wow, here I am thinking I'm the only one who is so broken up over the endangerment of the North Carolina Flying Squirrel." Sharing common interests is important, even if it’s slightly fabricated.


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