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Stacy worried about her health a lot and yet never seemed to actually go to a doctor, which was unfortunate because the doctor might have noticed her depression. After the week of nonstop job ads she finally uploaded her resume to one of the aggregator sites. If I’d been the AI in the Bruce Sterling story I could’ve just made sure that someone in my network called her with a job offer.

Stacy was so much happier with the better job that I wasn’t quite as convinced that she needed the services of a psychiatrist, but she got into therapy anyway.He was married to a woman who posted three inspirational Bible verses every day to her social networking sites and used her laptop to look for Christian articles on why your husband doesn’t like sex while he looked at gay porn. I started with a gentle approach, making sure he saw lots and lots of articles about how to come out, how to come out to your spouse, programs that would let you transition from being a pastor at a conservative church to one at a more liberal church. But he seemed determined not to come out on his own.I also showed him lots of articles by people explaining why the Bible verses against homosexuality were being misinterpreted. The legitimate studies all have the same conclusions. In addition to the gay porn, he spent a lot of time reading Craigslist m4m Casual Encounters posts and I was pretty sure he wasn’t just window shopping, although he had an encrypted account he logged into sometimes and I couldn’t read the e-mails he sent with that.The person I chose was named Stacy Berger and I liked her because she gave me a of new cat pictures. Stacy had a job she hated; she was a bookkeeper at a non-profit that paid her badly and employed some extremely unpleasant people.Stacy had five cats and a DSLR camera and an apartment that got a lot of good light. She was depressed a lot, possibly because she was so unhappy at her job—or maybe she stayed because she was too depressed to apply for something she’d like better.I suppose you’re wondering why I didn’t start with the Golden Rule.


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