Sex cams that work on ps3

In the mission Fame or Shame, Tracey auditions for Fame or Shame without telling her parents, but Michael and Trevor ended up finding this out from Jimmy.

I remember reading a story a few months back about a 14 year old boy getting banned from xbox live and he swore to his dad he didn't know why so his dad went investigating and emailed microsoft to find out why his son got banned cause he'd just payed the money for gold and the dad got an email back telling him that his son was banned because he was exposing himself over the camera in UNO can you guys think of a more akward talk with your dad?

Still made us laugh though..guys ever deal with this type of stuff over live? I remember seeing a couple who were broadcasting themselves having sex while playing uno, every so often pausing to play a card.

It was hilarious and only spoiled by the fact the girl wasn't what I'd call "attractive"... The disgusting times is when the Males talk crap on Xbox live on UNO, and they're usually n*ked for some stupid reason (I threw up BTW).

There is a little bit of bad news: Harmonix is leaving the USB hub out of the Play Station 3 bundle.

That means that if you buy one of the 40GBmodels of Play Station 3, which only have two USB ports, you'll have to get your own hub. Harmonix also confirmed that standalone versions of the game, which do not include any instrument controllers, will ship for each.


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