Intimidate dating

When you look at the numbers, far more men approach women than the other way around.

I think statistically girls/women feel far more intimidated by beautiful men and that's why most girls/women let guys do the work and wait passively. I absolutely believe/know that there are fearless and very confident women out there when it comes to this, don't get me wrong, but statistically seen the numbers are not tipping the scale in the favor of most women not being intimidated, on the contrary.

Why would he want to invite someone in who minimizes him and doesn’t appreciate him.

Other than true masochists, guys who have choice don’t want this.

Someone like that would soon seem shallow and boring.

There are guys that hit their peak in their late teens and early 20s.I have yet to meet a super hot guy I feel attracted to who doesn't want to hit the skins right away though...must be something inherent in good looking men I guess And my answer stands.Gorgeous men have been busting moves on me since I was a teenager.Just about any woman in a club will get hit on by quite a few gorgeous men who want to take her home.You brought up a few points that I want to touch on.


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