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Try using lubrication, suggesting a different position, or asking your partner to slow down. It shouldn’t be super-painful, so talk to your partner about ways to make sex more comfortable. You may bleed the first time you have vaginal sex if your hymen ruptures.And if you’re a guy and a girl having vaginal sex, you can get pregnant as well. If you’ve heard that it’s painful for girls to lose their V-plates, the idea of getting freaky might be freaking you out.Yes, for some it feels uncomfortable, and it can hurt a bit.Video chatting enables web users from all around the world to chat anywhere at anytime.All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and a webcam to begin having quality face-to-face conversations. Seks na żywo jeszcze nigdy nie był tak przyjemny, a to wszystko za darmo. Serwis jest przeznaczony tylko dla dorosłych, może zawierać treści o charakterze erotycznym lub uznane za obraźliwe.


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