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The USPTO sends John’s attorney a filing receipt for the filing of the provisional but the USPTO does not place the provisional application in the queue to be examined by a Examiner.

Remember provisional patent applications are not examined.

In addition we often draft at least some claims for a provisional application.

The filing of the non-provisional within one year is the second step of the two step process.

You may think of the provisional or non-provisional patent application as two routes to obtaining a patent.

In addition this document will explain circumstances in which one might be preferred over the other.

The two-step provisional process will take about one year longer to receive a patent than the one step non-provisional route. If the claims of the non-provisional patent application are ultimately determined by the Examiner to meet the legal requirements, the non-provisional patent application may issue into a U. Also an oath or declaration complying with the applicable rules is also required.

A fee of about 530 dollars is also required (assuming you qualify as a small entity).


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