Consolidating superannuation for Webcamchat sexfree

There are several different types of super funds, and this guide looks at retail and industry funds.For information about self-managed super funds (SMSFs) take a look at our comprehensive SMSF guide instead.One Super Fund specialises in superannuation consolidation.We can save you all the hassle by consolidating your super and then transferring it into the fund of your choice.Industry super funds will often be available as a default, or might be nominated.Sometimes a super fund will be both an industry fund, as well as a My Super fund.We have found thousands of accounts for our clients and have helped consolidate tens of millions of dollars.

These are generally found as defaults, but you may also nominate a My Super fund.This is currently 9.5% of the employee's annual earnings, and is called the Superannuation Guarantee.Employers need to pay super into their employee's nominated fund at least four times a year.It's also taxed at a lower rate (15%) during the accumulation phase, which makes it a very attractive form of investment through financial growth.In the past, people relied on their personal savings in retirement and often topped up with a government pension, but things are changing.Superannuation is basically a large investment portfolio with tax benefits, and is a way of ensuring that you will have a source of income in retirement to minimise the need for government assistance in the form of the aged pension.


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