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Rather than laud the composition, let me just repeat the oft-quoted lyric: “They’re different from us / Which means they can’t be trusted!” – Only the obligatory end-credits pop rendition of this song actually made it into the film’s theatrical cut.A moving profession of familial love, “You’ll Be in My Heart” has been rightfully acclaimed, winning the Oscar for Best Song and lighting up Billboard in 1999.– One of Disney’s best villains gets one of Disney’s best villain songs (and best villain names).features a few memorable songs, but my favorite is the heart-warming ballad “Ma Belle Evangeline.” Voice-acting genius and New Orleans resident Jim Cummings is accompanied by trumpeter Terence Blanchard, and he sings about falling in love with a star in the sky. – Here’s a song that flies through a half-dozen styles in intensely cartoony fashion, and all before the genie is even introduced!

“Out There” is really TWO songs, joined perfectly: In Frollo’s opening segue (referred to variously as “Sanctuary” and “In Here”), he reminds Quasimodo that “the world is cruel, the world is wicked,” and that Quasimodo himself is a deformed monster, and must remain cloistered away in the belltower at all costs to preserve his own safety.“A Spoonful of Sugar” could be the anthem for the Disney brand.Cynics may dismiss these films as cloying, and as promoting a naive worldview.There are few things we at Earn This love more than a good musical — particularly a well-animated or -choreagraphed Disney musical.“Let It Go” has yet to thaw from the Billboard Top 10, and we’re creeping up on the 25th anniversary of , a film that launched a thousand Buzzfeed “only 90s kids” articles.– has a half dozen songs that could make this list (just ask Colton, who voted for each of them to make the cut).


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