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"And because we're idiots, Hermione and I will be right there next to you.""Excuse me?

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Or possibly chapter 3 of Legion, which is also ready to go.

I recently sat down and forced out the 2.2k words that became "It just tastes better", but that hasn't helped in the slightest.

Chapter 24 of Technomage continues to not cooperate I'm up to 4300 words and just can't get the second task to jell.

A new rule, he decided, never team up with Neville for potions."Potter! Harry wasn't sure if the bastard was screaming out of anger or because he, like everyone else in the room, had been deafened by the explosion. The Colour Change Potion is utterly inert, it can't explode.""I have no idea what happened, Professor," Harry shouted in response.

"I stirred in the platypus ear wax into the mixture with the crystal rod, using a standard 12-second anti-clockwise stir, pausing for 52 seconds after every prime number stir while standing on one foot, and it just went boom! " the deafened Potions Master demanded."The right," Harry answered, blinking the ash of his eyebrows out of his eyes."Why the right?


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