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That is already the case in 2.1 - it's an option in the Save Online dialog.

This issue is just about one specific isolated case where for some reason this feature isn't working properly.

The main problem remains that this issue is nearly impossible to reproduce and so very hard to fix.

Anyhow, keep us posted on your findings with the upload audio feature from the Save Online functionality in the Muse Score software.

You say your score "isn't converting", can you be more specific about what you are doing, what you expect to see happens, and what happens instead? We are still in the dark on why it sometimes works, and sometimes not.

Keep us posted on whether you can detect a pattern on when it fails or works. I've noticed a couple times the bar, when it's uploading, sometimes fills up then the error appears, sometimes it will hit a random percentage, then gradually go back down to 0.

Please help, or fix, since this is bound to affect or be affecting someone else. We'll post a follow up comment once we are ready for a new round of testing. @Daforlyx the audio upload feature is available for everyone right from the start so the information you received is incorrect.

@Enrico M : It (currently) isn't possible and there is no intention to make this work.The Muse Score team chose to leverage the You Tube API for this (see thread at See Tube for how to use this function to upload your own rendered audio and…for information on how the synchronization between the displayed score and the result of the previous step works.I can export as an mp3 file but I have to have the score and the sound together. This bug hasn't been solved and it has been 4 months now...I had tried with the version 2.2 (abdf88a) but without luck.Hi, a temporary fix is to export an mp3 of the score, use a video maker to create an audio/visual 'movie' to send to youtube. I made some changes in cf30452 for 2.d11 for master.


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