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The buying process does include a checkout review section and it is advisable that you verify how much you are going to be charged to avoid any surprises or issues.This product is no longer for sale Better Products for Your Consideration: The Seduction Mindhacks Live program is a powerful pickup artist and “seducing women” guide, there’s no doubt about that.We don’t condone criminal acts and misogynistic mindsets; therefore, we are giving this program a 3 out of 5 stars rating as a balance between its positive value propositions against its negative controversial approaches.Like what we kept saying over and over, this program is powerful and it certainly delivers on its promise.“Hired Guns” contain footages of exploits concerning seducing women who entertain men for a living (i.e.strippers, pole dancers, gentlemen’s club waitresses, bartenders, etc.).It’s up to you to use and to be responsible for what you may learn from this program and, incidentally, draw your own ethical lines.Seduction Mindhacks Live is a controversial yet powerful pickup artist program that would entice newbie pickup artists while also intriguing the veteran players of the seduction arena.

Then there’s the “Efficient Pickup Method” laid out in text format explaining the pillars of seduction.You really can’t deny the results when it’s being demonstrated right in front of you via the video footages.John and Josh also have a practical way of teaching their lessons so that you’ll be able to take actionable steps on what you’ve learned right away.However, taking cue from Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, with great power comes great responsibility.Seduction Mindhacks Live can be a powerful weapon and it’s up to you to use it within ethical limits.Efficient Pickup is, as you may have surmised, a pickup artist training company which teaches its students how to seduce and pickup women (i.e.


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