David deangelo how to get laid dating bonuses

Thousands of men who wanted honest and unbiased information on this topic, registered to participate from all over the world.It seems this is a hot topic right now, and everybody wants to know which of these two popular approach methods will work best for them.You'll learn what a great story is made up of, PLUS...you'll also hear actual stories Pick Up 101 instructors and clients use with women, told by the guys who use them so you can hear how they do it.

This system has been proven to work for nearly every “type” of man out there. I sat around and watched all the “jerks” and jocks get all the women I desperately wanted. I was always the nice guy who gave these girls, who I desperately wanted a shot at, a shoulder to cry on, then they’d go off and have sex with their “jerk” boyfriends again. and have fulfilling relationships with me even if it killed me! Trust me, you do NOT want to learn this stuff this way. Imagine trying to learn Kickboxing without taking any classes… but by just jumping in a ring with a prize fighting champ. That means out of every 2 girls I talked to, I knew, with mathematical (yes nerdy) certainty I would be going on a date later with at least one of them.

In fact, here’s my story: I wasn’t always this good with women. If you’ve ever been in that situation you know how much it sucks. Then around the time I got into college I decided I wasn’t going to take it anymore. That’s about how easy it is to learn by the “trial and error” method. Of course, the fact that I was in a college campus environment helped a lot...

but those are still pretty impressive odds-- and it just got better. Now, let's take a closer look at what you'll be learning.

Listen, the only way we could make this any easier would be to create the story for you (if you come to my Art of Attraction workshop, we actually DO create the story for you).

Now you've got storytelling down, in the next Surefire Attraction Secret Audio Download I'll show you how to...


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