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The findings are part of a Pew Research Center survey released Friday.

Generation Z, the people currently ages 13 to 20, will soon run our world. Gen Z's sex idol Pew Die Pie is the #1 most subscribed You Tube channel in the world: 10,000,000 subscribers. Men especially must be darn sure that no matter how much someone twerked or teased on a dating site (the #1 way for Gen Z’ers to find people to “hang out" with,) they received an unambiguous come-hither before going beyond first base lest they be brought before a university and even high school Star Chamber that may de-facto presume guilty until proven innocent.

Alas, Gen Z’s proclivity for downloading pirated music, books, and videos rather than paying for them (Yes, Gomer, that stealing) doesn’t provide great basis for optimism.

That’s not to say that Gen Z is more frivolous than previous generations.

But as we think about interacting with young people, it may be useful to remember that Z'ers prefer their information and entertainment short and more visual than text. Most are idealistic yet worry they'll live harder lives than did their parents.

So rather than indulge the common temptation to dismiss the next generation, we may want to cut Z'ers a little slack. Unless you go into STEMs or if your parents can afford your education, I'd say skip college and learn a specialized trade, one related to STEMs.

Gen Z’ers have, however, well-learned some lessons. A 2015 AFP synthesis said that for Gen Z, “The idea of ‘business’ brings up negative responses: 'complicated', 'brutal', 'a jungle'." Yet a 2015 Northeastern University nationwide survey found that 42 percent of Z'ers want to run their own business and a Sparks & Honey survey found 61 to 72 percent do.

(See Slide 24.) Let’s hope Z'ers are more ethical than the bad actors the colleges and media choose to focus on.

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The number of Americans self-identifying as mixed white-and-black biracial rose 134 percent.It’s cool to wear Arab scarves, speak Spanish, and follow the latest African-American fads.After all, America is becoming ever-more non-white.Millennials have been in the workplace a while and so are in a better position to assess that.Alas, an even lower percentage of Millennials agree: only 28 percent!The number of Americans of mixed white and Asian descent grew by 87 percent." So what does it all mean?


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