Erotas dating just coffey dating

Realizing that she forgot to tell her lawyer to cancel the divorce.When Pavlos finds out he gets mad but then sees the romance in Marrying Christina again.Pavlos is distraught with the return of his sister Antigoni and tells his mother Myrto that he is moving out as he catches her in the company of Antigoni (whom he hates after she tormented her family by doing a deal with Angelo her fathers rival and holding a gun to Pavlos' head) Renos had told Pavlos in a prior episode that Antigoni was on the opposite island from Spetses.Pavlos leaves to go to Alexandros when he receives a call that he is needed at Spetses then next day because there is a problem with the pool and all the tiles need to be removed, wanting a companion on the road he asks if Alexandros would like to come with him, Alexandros agrees wanting thinking it to be a good idea to have some company.Eleni Hatziyianni, Mirto's best friend from her childhood returns to Mirto's life in Spetses during the season premiere, where her daughter Athina is married to Antonis Ikonomou.However, on the day of her wedding her past lover Dimitri returns, whom she had lied to about her identity because she is a politician's daughter.

Myrto is then under suspicion and when travelling in Malta with Petros Karras (Thanasis Avgeris), his partner Litra reopens the case with Myrto as the Prime suspect.

He tells Ariadni to stay and he goes to Ektora who takes him to the hospital under a false name.

He and his family try to keep his meeting with Ariadni a secret.

Overnight, they arrive at Spetses, the cruises's destination.

However, when everyone awakes the next morning they are shocked to find Angelo's dead body in the pool, Aphrodite immediately blames Ektora and Myrto. Listed from most likely, to least likely to have committed the murder, based on evidence, phone conversation etc.


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