Dating a more educated woman

Slightly more than one-quarter of women wanted their spouses to have the same level of education, while more than three-quarters wanted them to hold a steady job.

Sawhill, an economist who has been described by The Washington Post as "a longtime proponent of marriage," has argued in her essays and books such as "Generation Unbound," that the decline in marriage rates has a negative economic impact for families, as well as for children who are born to unmarried mothers.

But it appears to be growing; counting just newlyweds (those married in the 12 months before the survey), more than a quarter of the women had chosen a partner with less education, while 15% of men did the same.

The trend is not necessarily due to the fact that women are smarter than men.

That's the prime marrying age for Americans, given that men and women tend to be in their late 20s when they marry for the first time, according to the U. The changing demographics will have a wide-ranging impact on men and women, as well as on how they form -- or don't form -- families.

Given the shortage of college-educated men, highly educated women are likely to either look for men who have fewer qualifications (and likely earn less) than them, or else skip marriage entirely, the researchers said."Women are now more educated than men, meaning that they will necessarily face a shortage of marriage partners with the same level of education," Sawhill and Venator wrote.

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For a new study, psychologists at the University of Buffalo, California Lutheran University and University of Texas questioned 105 men with a series of experiments and discovered that smart women made them feel less masculine. – that even though most men like the idea of dating an intelligent woman, put them in front of one and that attraction suddenly withers. In theory, men may like the idea of a partner with a successful career; perhaps it plays to their inner George Clooney.

Even though interracial marriage is more common than in previous decades, most Americans tend to marry within their racial group, the researchers added.

The trend toward fewer marriages is already in evidence.

I do only like smart women, but I don't give a shit how educated they are.

I've been to three colleges, I have two degrees, and I'm the son of two university professors.


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