Whos dating on american idol

Dean dyed his hair but the actings no gimmickry: just look at his hard-drinking tycoon, harried by demons and love for Liz Taylor. Even when hes not doing anything, you watch him and not the others.

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And, crucially, she holds her own against he-man Russell Crowe. she asks his clearly flustered copper Bud White when he asks to see her again. Well, if youre asking me for a date, I should know your first name.Also See: Jim Stark ( The shallow ones remember her breasts, very much on display during the pivotal sex scene between her widowed waitress and Billy Bob Thorntons bigoted former death row prison guard who presided over her husbands execution.After years of slog playing sexy sidekicks, Berry was finally given the chance to prove she could act, delivering a raw, fierce, flinty performance of unbridled honesty.Refusing to shy away from any of Bronsons more out-there behaviour (he spends a good deal of the film entirely naked), Hardy captures the big mans delusions of grandeur and warped sense of humour to a tee. I get to perform a larger-than-life character, and I get to hit everyone in the film!Greatest Moment: Taking his art teacher hostage, before stripping naked, painting himself black and waiting to meet the oncoming guards Also See: Eames ( Eleven hundred men went in the water, 316 come out.Greatest Moment: Giving away everything and nothing from behind the mirror in the sex club.


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